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It’s vital for motorcyclist to attend professional training for the purpose of sharpening skills, increasing mental awareness, and advancing to the next level.
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Experienced Rider’s Course (ERC) – $150

Continuing Training is the Responsibilty of the Rider

For the experienced rider who wants to advance his/her skill level choose Florida Safe Rider’s Experienced Rider’s Course (ERC).Taught by Certified MSF Instructors with extensive experience in skill evaluation. This 4-5 hour course designed to offer a safe, effective, and enjoyable training event for all participants. Learn various methods of riding to promote skill and to increase mental awareness.

It’s vital for motorcyclist to attend professional training for the purpose of sharpening skills, increasing mental awareness, and advancing to the next level.

Participants should have successfully completed the MSF Basic Rider’s Course or have enough riding skills and experiences to operate a motorcycle with basic skill. The RiderCoach will have participants show the necessary minimal operational control and comfort with their motorcycle before attempting an exercise.

Advance to the next level of riding, take the Experienced Rider’s Course.


What to Bring and Wear to Class

Participants of the ERC must ride their own street-ready motorcycle and show proof of insurance. Participants must also wear proper riding gear to include a helmet, eyewear, long sleeve shirts and over the ankle footwear. Learning to ride the right way mean proper gear and garments.

What the Class Does Not Do

The Experienced Rider’s Course does not conduct exercises that include laying a motorcycle down or any other exercise that would cause a student to drop their motorcycle. Participants are not asked to ride beyond their comfort and skill level. Instead, our RiderCoaches respect where you are as a rider, then takes you further.

Just a note to tell you guys Course was great. Helped control issues at slow speed dramatically. When we ride for a while and tour often we have a tendency to forget the basics. Anyone can ride at 60, the trick is to maneuver the bike in control at slow or no speed. The cones and the exercises forced us to take control of the bike again. Comfort level is up for both of us. All of our class is intending to come back for MORE—GOOD JOB
Ralph & Michelle Haben

Experience Rider’s Course – Is It Worth It?

General every-day riding doesn’t provide enough experiences in the skills needed to respond to emergency situations. Therefore, it is vital that riders continue some sort of training with the focus on increasing his/her skill level. After all, someone’s life may depend on you as a rider. If you’re asking “is it worth it?” The solid answer is YES, taking the Experienced Rider’s Course is worth the time and money!

Ready? Experienced Rider’s Course

Florida Safe Rider’s Experienced Rider’s Course sharpens your riding skills and advances each riders level of ability. You’ll leave our ERC with knowledge, deeper understanding, and confidence in your own abilities as a rider. Signup today to register for the Experienced Rider’s Course. 

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